Ken Black

Clematis enthusiast, writer & speaker


Clematis advice and inspiration for UK gardeners.  

Having used Facebook for many years as a vehicle for showing photos of the garden, and its clematis, I thought that it would be useful to establish a web site that could provide broader scope for not only written information but also video demonstrations about clematis and tours of the garden throughout the year. 

I have a real passion for clematis and take every opportunity to persuade more people to grow them and to grow more of them. Like most aspects of gardening, growing clematis is not an exact science and many different views exist about their successful cultivation. The thoughts and techniques included on this web site are based on what I have learned from experts of the clematis world and my own experiences over the last 30 plus years.

I write articles about clematis and give talks to gardening clubs and societies about growing these wonderful plants. I am also the Membership Secretary of The British Clematis Society, and whilst I know that most of my views are shared by other members of The Society, the views expressed on this web site are mine and not officially those of The Society.

In 2017 I designed and managed the British Clematis Society Stand at the Royal Horticultural Society Show at Tatton Park which won a bronze medal. This year (2019) my design was rewarded with a silver medal and I was also asked by the RHS to give daily talks on planting and growing clematis. 

My wife and I live in Cheshire and, for the last few years, have opened our garden under the National Garden Scheme and for local charities. You will see, as you journey with me, it is a cottage style garden with perennials and modern English roses (oh and sometime quite a few weeds).

There are over 150 varieties of clematis, some of which have grown by me from seeds and cuttings. In the nursery area there is probably a similar number of plants in various stages of development and I will regularly take you behind the scenes to share the successes and failures of my efforts.

I will include information on buying clematis, planting for year-round colour, how and when to prune each group of clematis, seed collection and sowing, taking cuttings, potting on young plants, growing in containers, and planting out. I also plan to include interviews with significant people in the clematis world.

My style of writing and presenting is informal and, hopefully, engaging, so I hope that you enjoy this web site and its content. My aim, above all else, is to enthuse people to grow more clematis and to enjoy them.      



As an ordinary gardener myself, the content of the web site will be focussed on trying to meet the needs and interests of fellow amateur gardeners by keeping things simple and reducing the complexities often associated with growing clematis.