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I can talk on all aspects of clematis growing and regularly visit gardening and horticultural clubs.

My most popular talk is ‘Clematis for year-round colour in your garden.’

This talk consists of two parts:-

The first is a 30 – 40 minutes Powerpoint presentation on some basic information about clematis including family groupings, where they come from, their history and how they can provide colour in your garden throughout the year.

This includes images of well known and not so well-known varieties and when they flower.

The second part is a 30 minutes (approximate) practical demonstration on planting, growing, feeding, and pruning. I discuss pests and diseases and then demonstrate various ways of propagating clematis.

This is followed by questions from and discussion with the audience, which can go on for as long as people want it to.


I try to make the whole session as interactive and enjoyable as possible because my aim is to encourage and enthuse people to grow clematis by demystifying some of the issues often associated with them.

I grow many of my clematis from seeds and cuttings and, if I have spare plants, I bring them for sale.


If you would like to book me for  talk at your event or for your club, please conact me using the form below.

Download the Clematis For Year Round Colour Information Leaflet

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