Here you’ll find all of my videos and tutorials. 


Sowing Clematis Seeds

Atragenes For Your Garden

The Garden In Early April

Pruning Clematis

Taking Softwood Cuttings: Part 1

Taking Softwood Cuttings: Part 2

The Garden and Montanas at the end of April

A Wall Of Clematis – Six Months On 

Wasps – Friends Or Foe?

Clematis Viticella

Supermarket Clematis

How To Grow Early Spring Flowering Clematis

Early Spring Flowering Clematis At Adswood

Two Ways To Sow Clematis Seeds

Early Large Flowering Clematis At Adswood

Mid and Late Summer Flowering Clematis

Winter Flowering Clematis at Adswood

Growing Clematis In Pots

Clematis in my garden in early July 2023

Clematis Montanas

Potting up Cuttings and Seedlings